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Do you know how to use “dashi soy sauce”?

Dashi soy sauce is a convenient condiment made by seasoning traditional Japanese dashi soup with soy sauce and sweeteners such as mirin.

Originally, when making udon and tempura sauces, the soup is made with traditional dried fish stocks such as katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes) and dried iriko (dried sardines), and seasoned.
Dashi soy sauce is a very convenient product that can be used as a sauce for tempura as it is, or diluted to make soup for noodles.

Kamada Shoyu has been making soy sauce for 230 years in the Seto Inland Sea, one of Japan’s most famous soy sauce manufacturing areas.
Located between Honshu and Shikoku, the Seto Inland Sea is blessed with a mild climate.

Kamata Soy Sauce has been a manufacturer of dashi soy sauce since its first release in 1965.

We deliver delicious dashi soy sauce from Kamada Shoyu to everyone in Singapore.

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