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“Mini Japan Fair” opens! 24th Mar – 2nd Apr 2023

The Mini Japan Fair is now open on the 4th floor of Wisma Atria, at the “Ottoson” corner, OCBC.
We have a variety of products from our popular Ottoson items, as well as natural and delicious products that we have found on our travels around Japan.

In this issue, we would like to introduce some of our most recommended products.
First of all, our citrus chips are made from citrus fruits from 100% Ehime Prefecture, cut and dried in their natural state, without using any additives.
The more you chew, the more you can enjoy the concentrated flavour of natural mandarin oranges.

And next I would like to recommend Kiriboshi Daikon (Dried Daikon Japanese Radish) from Aomori Prefecture.
Normally, they are added to miso soup or soak in water before cooking, but try them once as they are. The fresh bitterness and sweetness comes out slowly, just like when you eat delicious Japanese daikon in oden!
I was so surprised!
You can eat it as it is in a salad with green veg or as a healthy snack!

Last, I would like to introduce Poripori Somen Noodles from Shodoshima Island, Kagawa prefecture.
Shodoshima is a small island in Kagawa Prefecture, in the Seto Inland Sea. The island has long been famous for its fermented foods, but at the same time it is also famous for producing Somen noodles and olive.
These snacks are a very crispy snack made from Shodoshima somen noodles, quickly fried in Shodoshima olive oil. They are available in curry and chilli sauce flavours, which Singaporeans seem to like, so please try them!

Ottoson will continue to find delicious and natural products from all over Japan.


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