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Jihei | MATSUSHITA JOZOJO 次兵衛 | 松下醸造場

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Rice Shochu, Aged for long period, from Kumamoto prefecture


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This brewery is the oldest brewery of Kuma shochu, which was founded by the first Jihei in 1804 and has inherited the tradition of hundreds of years.
It is a rice shochu that is quietly laid in a barrel in a small village with a population of about 2000 and in an environment rich in nature.

The breathing and aging cause the amount in barrel to decrese gradually over time.It is said that the shochu has been shared amongst the angels which have drank the shochu over time.


Origin    Kumamoto, Japan

Category    Rice Shochu

Subcategory    Aged, NA

Alcohol    40%

Expiry date    None

Temperature to be maintained    Normal temperature

Net    720ml