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Ohishi Special Limited | OHISHI SHUZO 大石 特別限定酒 | 大石酒造

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Rice Shochu, Undiluted, from Kumamoto prefecture


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Ohishi Shuzo is located in Mizukami Village, Kuma, Kumamoto Prefecture, where rice cultivation is thriving.

The distillery use water from the Kuma River, one of the three most rapid rivers in Japan, and they are so particular about the raw materials that they grow some of the rice used to make their Shochu themselves.

“Ohishi Special Limited,” a representative of this distillery, is a richly flavored bottle that is finished by reduced-pressure distillation, stored and aged in sherry and brandy casks, and bottled undiluted.

Enjoy its mellow whiskey-like aroma, gentle mouthfeel, and mild richness.


Origin    Kumamoto, Japan

Category    Rice Shochu

Subcategory    Undiluted Shochu

Alcohol    40%

Expiry date    None

Temperature to be maintained    Normal temprerature

Net    720ml



この蒸留所の代表である「大石 特別限定」は、減圧蒸留で仕上げ、シェリー樽とブランデー樽で貯蔵熟成し、原酒のままボトルに詰めた濃厚な味わいの1本です。