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Hand made Inaniwa Udon - from Ogawa, Akita Prefecture 稲庭うどん小川(秋田県湯沢市)

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Original hand made Inaniwa Udon, from Akita prefecture.


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Inaniwa Udon has a history of nearly 400 years; the Udon is made using the traditional process,which was established in 1665.


Using the original recipe handed down through the generation,and everything  has been carefully crafted over four days by hand.


When countless fine bubbles are on the cut surface of the noodles, this feature is the validation of a handmade product.

Inaniwa Udon has a smoother texture while retaining its consistency.


Net: 200g
Shelf life:  25 months from date of manufacture
Ingredients: Wheat flour, Salt, Starch
Preservation: Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature. Also, do not store near odorous substances.