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(Super Organic) Nagano Kamiakari rice 自然栽培(無農薬・無施肥) 長野産カミアカリ

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Super Organic rice, free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers


  • GABA rice
  • Brown rice
  • 2kg
  • 5kg
  • 10kg
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🍙Natural Organic Rice recommended by Ottoson🍚

Kamiakari is a special improved rice variety for eating as Brown rice.
Only 5 farmers are allowed to farm Kamiakari because of its difficulty of maitain.

Biggest Embryo part contains rich vitamin. Mineral for <anti-oxidant/boost immunity> are 3-4 times than normal.

Soft texture and natural sweetness takes you to new experience of Japanese rice.
Easy cooking as same as normal rice.
Contracted farm with strict natural harvest (Organic, No pesticide & no fertilizer).

Hand picking weed and insect, caring well and plowing to bring out natural soil power.

Organic JAS Audit Completion Certificate

Safety, Healthy, Tasty
All complete ultimate Best Brown rice.

*Polished as GABA Rice
What is “Polished as GABA Rice?
Polished leaving anough embryo (胚芽),
contain lots of nutrition such as GABA and vitamin.
Easy to cook (same as White rice ) with good for health!
This method Only available to Kamiakari Rice.

*You can choose the polishing rate and weight of your rice.

Please choose the polishing rate of your rice from the product option.

・Polished as GABA rice
・Brown rice

Please choose the weight of your rice from the product option.

Weight N/A
Polishing rate

GABA rice, Brown rice


2kg, 5kg, 10kg