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Asahi Mannenboshi Genshu(Undiluted) | WATANABE DISTILLERY 旭万年星 | 渡邊酒造場

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Barley Shochu, from miyazaki prefecture


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Because shipments are determined by the quality of the original sake, this is the first phantom sake to be shipped in nine years.
The savory flavor of “Mannenboshi” has become even deeper and mellower over the years, with less stimulation.


This is a long-stored, atmospherically distilled, undiluted shochu made with the barley shochu “Mannenboshi,” which is made from the barley produced in Ehime Prefecture, the birthplace of the first master brewer.
Due to the unique character of the raw barley, the sake has a unique flavor of maturity even after a relatively short period of 3 years or more.
It has a lingering aftertaste of “richness”.


Origin    Miyazaki, Japan

Category    Barley Shochu

Subcategory    Undiluted

Alcohol    40%

Expiry date    None

Temperature to be maintained    Normal temprerature

Net    720ml




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