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"Supreme" bean paste 200g with Monaka 6pieces sets 究極のあんこ 最中種6個セット

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The “supreme” red beans cooked with long-term skilled craftsmanship and the strictly selected ultimate ingredients.

(including 6 pieces of Monaka skin for red bean paste sandwiches)


  • Tsubu-an
  • Koshi-an
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The ultimate ingredients are cooked with the long-term skilled craftsmanship, hence it is called “supreme” red beans.

Based on many years of craftsmanship experience, Anko(red bean paste) is bottled that is cooked in the best condition in different environments on a daily basis.
The flavor of red bean paste spreads in your mouth when you put it in, and we hope you will enjoy a smooth texture as well.

*You can enjoy the bean paste by spreading it on bread or eating it with mochi etc.., but we deliver the monaka skin (A skin made from glutinous rice to make Anko sandwiches) as a set so that you can enjoy it easily.

Red Beans Selected With The Utmost Care

Hokkaido Tokachi red beans (limited producers) used

The red beans essential for making the supreme red bean paste are high quality, fluffy-grained red beans from Tokachi, Hokkaido.


Carefully Selected Natural Water

Natural water from Tsunan Town, Niigata Prefecture
Water, which is essential to bring out the umami and flavor of red beans, is sourced from a spring in the town of Tsunan, famous for its water.


Crystal Rock Sugar

Rock-type sugar made by Nakanippon Hyoto Co. Ltd, century-old sugar manufacturer.
Sugar, which is the key to the umami of red bean paste, is made from the highest purity crystal rock sugar, which is slowly crystallized using only granulated sugar from Hokkaido’s sugar beet radish.



It is carefully bottled and delivered a small production everyday.

Please choose Red bean paste type from the product option.

  1. Tsubu-an (つぶあん) : Carefully made grainy so as not to collapse the shape of red beans, and the outer skin of red beans are not removed.
  2. Koshi-an (こしあん) : Smooth textured red bean paste which is mashed, strained through cloth.


Paste type

Tsubu-an, Koshi-an