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Kanata Extra | TSUNEMATSU SHUZO HONTEN かなたEXTRA | 恒松酒造本店

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Rice Shochu, from Kumamoto prefecture


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Kuma shochu is an authentic pure rice shochu recognized as a world brand, with the Kuma-gun district of Kumamoto Prefecture designated as a world production area by the WTO.
It is a gem of a shochu made slowly and carefully at low temperatures in the middle of winter using groundwater as the brewing water, yellow malted rice used for ginjo-shu, and flower yeast used for junmai-daiginjo.
It has a sweet aroma derived from ginjo-style brewing and a unique unfiltered taste with impact.


Origin    Kumamoto, Japan

Category    Rice Shochu

Subcategory    –

Alcohol    42%

Expiry date    None

Temperature to be maintained    Normal temprerature

Net    720ml



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