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Sake Hundred SHINSEI "深星"

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The World’s first luxury sake brand “SAKE HUNDRED”.


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The world’s first luxury sake brand




A sparkling sake on the perfect wavelength for pairing

Mellow and transparent, calmly effervescent and featuring a long and elegant finish, Shinsei combines complexity and sophistication into a refined bottle that shines with dish pairing. For any dish, Shinsei is on the perfect wavelength to play off of, and elevate, the dining experience.

A constellation in a bottle

Shinsei’s effervescence is achieved naturally through in-bottle secondary fermentation. Tiny bubbles float tranquilly to the surface like pinpricks of starlight. This gentle effervescence presents as profound creaminess that complements Shinsei’s multilayered flavors and stimulates the senses.



Transparency and complexity in harmony

Shinsei’s clarity and calmly bubbly effervescence give it an attractive crystalline appearance. On the nose, Shinsei is clean and recalls white peach, Japanese pear, herbs and white flowers. On the palate, it is smooth and dry, with a refreshing acidity that gently spreads and combines with gently rising bubbles for a pleasing sense of freshness. On the mid-palate, the sweetness of rice, an intriguing minerality, umami and tartness bring structure and complex layers of flavor. Shinsei is best enjoyed at 8℃ to bring out its most elegant aromas and its most pronounced tartness.


Shinsei is a sparkling beverage. It is best enjoyed immediately after opening.

To avoid spillage, please open carefully and keep refrigerated until ready to open.



Shinsei’s aromas are fresh and clean, bringing nuances of white peach, Muscat grape, Japanese pear and other fruity elements, alongside mint and other herbs, with a touch of white flower. Aerated, Shinsei’s aromas turn creamy and bring forward steamed rice and sour cream.


On the palate, Shinsei is fresh, smooth and dry, with a pleasing, slowly spreading acidity that integrates with gentle effervescence for an impression of astounding freshness.


Shinsei brings a smooth, silky finish with a mild tartness, minerality and umami. The finish is long, yet both delicate and structured.


Shinsei shines brightest with pairings. Its minerality meshes perfectly with seafood; particularly shellfish. Juicy meat dishes incorporating steamed or braised chicken or pork work exceptionally together with Shinsei, while the beverage’s creamy, sparkling texture is a natural fit for dishes incorporating cheese or butter. Crunchy fried foods also present a pleasing contrast. From aperitif to main course, Shinsei is versatile and ready for pairing with most any course.



Secondary fermentation brings exquisite balance and delicate effervescence

A light sparkle brings silken creaminess

To achieve secondary fermentation, unrefined sake is added to a completed sake prior to bottling to stimulate additional fermentation. This secondary fermentation naturally produces gas that dissolves into the sake and brings a lightly sparkling quality to the finished product that is creamy and pleasing on the palate.

A unique method brings a layered profile

Ordinarily, sake is made with three simple ingredients: Rice, water and koji starter. Shinsei is instead made using a unique method that replaces some of the water with completed sake. This brings a layered, deeply complex, noble quality to the finished Shinsei that is unlike any sake around.

Crisp, clear water from a famed source

Hakushū is historically a region of Yamanashi Prefecture that receives subsoil runoff water from the nearby Mt. Kaikoma. This water is famed throughout Japan for its fresh, soft and crisp characteristics. Mt. Kaikoma water is said to particularly agree with human biology, and bestows fresh, natural flavors to Shinsei.


Brewing Partner

Yamanashi Meijo Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1750, Yamanashi Meijo has long brewed fresh, surpassingly excellent sake using local staff and local ingredients.

The brewery is known for incorporating the area’s famed Hakushū water into its sake to produce drinks that are clean, sippable and refreshing.


*Note: Shinsei is not available for purchase directly from the brewery.


Product Description

Brewery: Yamanashi Meijo Co., Ltd.(Yamanashi)

Rice: 100% Yamanashi Yumesansui

Polish: 67%(koji-mai 57% kake-mai 67%)

ABV: 12.0%

SMV: -7

Acidity: 2.4

Amino Acid Value: 1.5

Number of Pasteurization: 1

Volume: 720ml