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Sake Hundred TEN'U "天雨"

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The World’s first luxury sake brand “SAKE HUNDRED”.

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The world’s first luxury sake brand




Capturing the Moment of Sake Freshness

Brewed with Yamagata Prefecture-origin Yukimegami rice, Ten’u captures the essence of purity and freshness. Polished to 18%, Ten’u is bottled unpasteurized and unadulterated to embody a snapshot of straight-from-the-tank sake bliss.

Rain from the Heavens

In Japanese, Ten’u represents “rain from the heavens.” This sake captures the spirit of refreshing, life-affirming rain showers that come and go in fleeting, ephemeral moments, its raw nature bringing delicacy and freshness like the evanescent rain from which it gains its name.



The Essence of Fresh Sake, Frozen in Time

Youthful and crystalline in appearance, Ten’u is pleasingly aromatic, recalling pineapple, pear and notes of mint. Smooth and refreshing on the palate, Tenu’s tart acidity meshes balletically with a spreading umami. On the finish, captivating bitterness and a lingering convergence of flavors. Ten’u’s recommended serving temperature is 5-10℃, but serving at 12-15℃ bestows it with additional intriguing tartness.



Pineapple, white peach and pear, mint and herbs take center stage, while bitter aromas recalling artichoke bring elegance to the background.


Light, ephemeral and fresh,while  a bright and lively tartness brings Ten’u’s flavors together as one.


A lingering finish that is tart and bright, yet featuring notes of bitterness that bring Ten’u’s flavors to a crescendo that lasts.


Ten’u pairs astoundingly with fresh seafoods, bitter vegetables and mineral-rich roots. Dishes of chicken and pork that incorporate their pan drippings also make for excellent accompaniment.



Unpasteurized for the Freshest Sake Flavors

A Taste from the Tank

Pasteurization is a typical part of the sake-making process. Yet, rare sake creations forego this step – these brews are called “namazake.” Such brews allow for yeasts to continue fermenting in-bottle, providing fresh, “straight-from-the-tank” flavors that continue to develop over time.

18% Polish Yamagata Yukimegami Rice

Yukimegami is rice cultivated specifically for sake making, and is one of the newest varietals available. First created in 2015, it is designed for creating high quality daiginjo and junmai daiginjo, and is characterized by delicate, unadulterated flavors. In Ten’u, Yukimegami rice is polished to 18% for extreme clarity of flavor that is sophisticated and uncompromised.

Ever-changing Aromas and Flavors

What sets namazake apart from standard brews are its signature fragile and evolving flavors. Crisp and refreshing when enjoyed young and freshly opened, over time a namazake’s flavors become more mellow and rounded. To experience the full spectrum of these flavors at their best, Ten’u should be consumed within a week of opening.


Brewing Partner


Founded in 1724, this 400-year old brewery once halted production, only to resume again in 2012.

Led by young workers, this brewery meets the challenge of blending traditional techniques with new innovations.


Product Description

Brewery: Ou-jiman (Yamagata)

Rice: 100% Yamagata Yukimegami

Polish: 18%

ABV: 15.8%

SMV: -2

Acidity: 1.75

Amino Acid Value: 0.5

Number of Pasteurization: None

Volume: 720ml