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Gokujo Tsutsumi (Undiluted) | TSUTSUMI SHUZOU 極上 堤 | 堤酒造

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Rice Shochu, Undiluted, from Kumamoto prefecture


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Gokujo Tsutsumi is a one of most luxurious product made by bottling the original barrel shochu drawn from a single barrel.
Because barrel-aged shochu is precious and in small quantities, and because each barrel has a different flavor, it is generally blended into a product, but with Gokujo Tsutsumi, the literally-original flavor of the shochu can be enjoyed.

After being aged in barrels for a long time, the shochu turns amber in color and has a rich, deep flavor with a mellow aroma and full-bodied taste.


Origin    Kumamoto, Japan

Category    rice Shochu

Subcategory    Undiluted, Aged

Alcohol    40%

Expiry date    None

Temperature to be maintained    Normal temprerature

Net    720ml


一つの樽から汲み出した「樽焼酎」の原酒をそのまま瓶に詰めた贅沢な逸品が「極上 堤」です。
「樽焼酎」の原酒は少量で貴重な上、樽ごとに風味が違うのでブレンドして製品化するのが一般的ですが、「極上 堤」では原酒本来の味わいをそのまま堪能することができます。長い間樽で熟成された焼酎は琥珀色に染まり、芳醇な香りとコクの豊かな深い味わいになっております。

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