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Dashi Soy Sauce/Children's Soy Sauce 200ml×3pack 【KAMADA】 だし醤油/こども醤油 200ml×3パック【鎌田醤油】

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Kamata Soy Sauce is one of the leading soy sauces in Japan, having been produced since 1789 in the Sanuki region (Kagawa Prefecture), famous for its udon noodles.
While being particular about the ingredients, this convenient dashi sauce can easily be poured over or diluted as is to enjoy the taste of authentic dashi broth.


  • Dashi Soy Sauce*3
  • Dashi Soy Sauce*2 Children's Soy Sauce*1
  • Dashi Soy Sauce*1 Children's Soy Sauce*2
  • Children's Soy Sauce*3
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You can choose any 3 packs for an order.

Dashi Soy Sauce   SGD7.00/pack

Soy sauce enriched with a natural broth made from fish extracts (dried mackerel, dried tuna) and Konbu(seaweed). Our Dashi Soy has a reduced sodium content of only 11%, which is 25% lower than the sodium content of regular soy sauce.

Straight – Pour over tofu, noodles, or Japanese Pickles. Use as an all-purpose seasoning for your cooking.

Dilute – Soup for noodles or Tempura, or broth for Japanese-style nimono, or boiled vegetables.

Children’s Soy Sauce   SGD8.30/pack

Our Children’s Dashi Soy Sauce can be used to Vegan’s Dashi Soy Sauce a well.

This light soy sauce-based dashi soy sauce is made from carefully selected highest quality kelp (Kombu) and dried shiitake mushrooms, with a broth of seven different vegetables (yam, daikon, carrot, burdock, Napa cabbage, potato, and pumpkin).

It contains no MSG, preservatives or animal ingredients, making it an ideal seasoning for vegan cooking as well as for children.
The salt content has been cut by 45%, but the flavour is the same as the original, so the taste remains the same.


About Kamada Soy Sauce

The district of Sanuki (now Kagawa Prefecture), on Shikoku Island in Southern Japan, was long famous for salt production. Sanuki’s shoal beaches produced 80% of Japan’s salt for many years. The ample sunshine and open fields were also perfect for growing wheat and soybeans. This made Sanuki an ideal region for soy sauce production.

Since 1789, the year of the French Revolution, Kamada has been creating quality soy sauce in the Sanuki region, under our company motto of “producing the highest quality soy sauce, serving the community, and gaining public confidence.“ As times have changed, we have continued to develop new and innovative products while maintaining our commitment to quality and service.


Soy Sauce Set

Dashi Soy Sauce*3, Dashi Soy Sauce*2 Children's Soy Sauce*1, Dashi Soy Sauce*1 Children's Soy Sauce*2, Children's Soy Sauce*3

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