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Additive-free Dried Vegetable 無添加砂糖不使用ベジミックス愛媛県産【げんき本舗】

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Healthy dried vegetables mix all made in Ehime prefecture, Shikoku Island.
No additives, No sugar.
Safety and healthy snacks for baby to elderly.


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Dried mix vegetables made by tomatoes, wasabi rape, enoki mushrooms, cucumbers, shiso, bell peppers, rape blossoms, and eggplants from Ehime Prefecture are made without any additive and sugar with their skins on by a low-temperature, reduced-pressure process.

No sugar is used, and the natural sweetness of the vegetables can be felt.


Ingredients:  Tomatoes, broccoli, enoki mushrooms, cucumbers, bell peppers, onions, rape blossoms, wasabi greens, eggplant, perilla leaves(from Ehime Prefecture)
Net:  18g
Country of origin:  Japan (Ehime)
Shelf life: 180 days from the date of manufacture


What is Genki Honpo?

Focus on “Ehime Prefecture”
Ehime Prefecture is one of the leading “citrus kingdoms” in Japan, producing the largest number of citrus varieties, said to be more than 30, and the largest amount of citrus fruits in Japan.
The citrus fruits used in Genki Honpo are carefully grown by local farmers in Ehime Prefecture, and all are processed with raw materials that have passed the no-wax and pesticide residue test after strict checks by the human eye.

Focus on “human hands”
We have come to the conclusion that there is no other way but to process and manufacture more secure and safe domestic dried fruits by our own hands, and have decided to start our own production.

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